Today I was taking my online consultation at the writing center according to our assignment and the lovely tutor girl asked me “is pentathlon a sport?” after reading my “Introductory essay”.  I completely forgot how unpopular this sport is in the U.S. and how little Americans know about this sport which has great traditions in Europe. She advised me I should have explained what modern pentathlon was in my essay. So here it is my introduction to this sport.

The modern pentathlon is a sport contest that includes five events: pistol shooting, epee fencing, 200 meter freestyle swimming, show jumping (horse-riding) and a three kilometer cross-country run. The modern pentathlon was invented by the Baron Pierre de Coubertin, by the same person who founded the modern Olympic Games.  The name derives from the Greek penta- “five” and –athlon “contest”. The addition of  “modern” to the name distinguishes it from the original pentathlon of the ancient Olympic Games. As the events of the ancient pentathlon was modeled after the skills of the idea soldier of the time as modern pentathlon models to the ideal soldier of the 19th century. These soldiers needed to be good at fencing and shooting to fight against enemies and needed to have skills in running, riding on unfamiliar horses and swimming when they founded themselves behind the enemy’s lines.  Originally only soldiers played this sport.  Women started to play only twenty-five years ago, and my Mum was one of the first women who did pentathlon.

My whole family did pentathlon, my Dad, my Mum, me and my little sister. My Dad was the most successful, who was a professional pentathlete for fifteen years and he won a European Championship.  My both parents studied at college to be pentathlon coaches and my Dad ended up being  fencing and horse-riding coach and my Mum is a swimming and horse-riding coach. They work in the same sport club called UTE.

Unfortunately, my career is sadly ended as a pentathlete after ten years without any serious results. Nevertheless, I will be always thankful for my parents they made me do it when I was eight years old. I learnt so much out of this sport. Those twenty-five hours practices a week taught me how to overcome my deadlock, how to work hard for achievements and do not except impossible as an option. After doing pentathlon the “real world” is not a challenge any longer.



As I mentioned before, I was born and raised in Budapest. In spite of the fact I moved from home two years ago, I still remember how it is like living in the capital city of Hungary. My main purpose is, with this essay to take you on a journey to my beloved hometown and experience what it takes to be a Budapester.

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary however there are only 2 million people live in the city. For that reason, a Budapester never feels too crowded, but can enjoy all the benefits that a capital city has.

The name “Budapest” is the composition of the city names “Buda” and “Pest”, since they were united (together with Obuda) to become a single city in 1873. Buda and Pest are separated by the Danube River. The two sides of the river could not be more different. Buda is the hilly side with green nature and big forests, on the opposite side, Pest is the downtown of the city. Buda is preferred by families while Pest is more popular by students and young adults who enjoy the nightlife.  Nightlife is great in Budapest. The clubs are usually open till 5-6 am in the morning but there are clubs for after parties which open from 6 am. However my favorite places to go out are the ruin bars and retro gardens which have been set up in the old gardens and courtyards of empty and abandoned houses.  These places are also located in the Pest side.

I grew up in Obuda which on in the Buda side. The meaning of this word is Old Buda, which was given because this is the oldest part of Budapest. Settlements dating from the Stone Age have been found in Obuda. The romans built Aquincum the capital of Pannonia province here. After that, it is not surprising, five minutes walk from my parents house there is a coliseum, which was built for roman entertainment.

Budapest is popular by tourists because it is a beautiful European city whit full of history and fascinating architectural. Tourists seem to be fascinated by the thermal baths in Hungary. The thermal water was first discover by the Romans but the Turkish people also enjoyed over a hundred years when Hungary was occupied by the them in the 17th century.  There are some baths in the city, which remained from that period. Even so visitors are having a great time in Budapest; enjoying the great wines and delicious Hungarian cousin, the city is not too touristic like Prague or Paris. These cities totally lose their miracle because you can never have a private moment with the city itself. Budapest has a character, and managed to keep its magnificent and also its edgy and cool sides.

Even my life is in New York now, I will never forget those wonderful moments that I had in Budapest. And I’m looking forward to go back, which will happen in five days, and gain more memories in my beloved city.

For further information on the ruin bars:

I would prefer if my name stays hidden on this blog, but I use the Sofianna name here. I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.  My parents are horseback riding coaches. Before they became coaches they both were pentathletes. My dad whom I very proud of was a European champion. So not surprisingly, me and my little sister did pentathlon as well. I had done pentathlon for ten years before I decided to focus on only on fencing.(Fencing is one of the fives sports in pentathlon.) I started to swim when I was three years old and my parents put me on a horse when I turned six. Sport has been always in my life. I cannot imagine my life without it.

Pentathlon is probably the hardest and most time-consuming sport to do because you have to train to be good in five completely different sports. After practicing five hours a week just to be a better shooter, which was my weakest sport, I realized I would not get any better in shooting. That was the point when I made a decision and decided to concentrate all my energy only on fencing which I was the most talented. I became more successful in fencing than I have ever been in pentathlon. That is why I am in New York to fight for the fencing team’s success at St. John’s.

The other thing that I’m obsessed with, beside sports, is traveling. Some girls spend their money on shoes and clothes or dining out. I spend it on airplane tickets. Before I moved to New York, I lived in England in a little town called Wells and in Vancouver, Canada for a summer long. In England I worked in a pub called The King’s Head, which I really liked. The countryside of England is gorgeous and I had a wonderful six months in Wells but I was happy to move from Wells to New York. Just in this year, I have been at the Caribbean, in Toronto, I went on a road trip in Arizona and I was in London last weekend. I’m back to Wells at the moment, visiting my friends from the King’s Head.  Next weekend I’m going back to my hometown, Budapest where I’m planning to stay till the end of the summer. However I’m planning to go on a trip to Bulgaria at the beginning of July. 

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2, I’m a student athlete, a member of  the Fencers Club in NYC, club Honved in Budapest and the member of the STJ fencing team. I’m an ex-pentathlete, a daughter of two great horseback-riders. I have roles as my sister’s bigger sister and my friend’s best friend.

3, I know Obuda very well. This is the part of Budapest where I grew up. I also know the II. district of Budapest, where I went to school, VI. where I moved after moving out from the parents’ house. Budakalasz and the V. district where my ex-boyfriends live. I know Vancouver where I spent a summer 2 years ago. I know Wells, a city of England where I lived 4 months before moved to New York. And now I’m getting know Manhattan, where I spend most of my free time.

4, I wish I knew more about Italian and German languages. I wish I could take language classes. I wish I knew much more about politics and the situation of the European Union at the moment, because I know nothing about it. But the most I wish on learning is advertising, which is my major.

5, On a regular weekday of school: 7:20 – getting up, 8;15 – going to school, 9:05 – first class 11:00-13:00 School practice 15:25 – Second class of the day 18:00 – Practice in Manhattan in the New York athletic Club 21:00 – going home 22:00-01:00 having diner and doing some school work 01:00-02:00 going to bed.

6, Orban Victor’s regime in Hungary.

7, I write a lot of messages on Facebook and regular emails on my Gmail account. I use Gmail for formal ways of communication and there is Facebook for me for the informal ways. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with my friends who live very far from me. I write messages, making status updates and posting pictures to tell them what is going on with me. I post videos, pictures and making comments to tell who I am and what I think. My life is on Facebook and I share a lot of it with my Facebook “friends”. So around 750 people could very easily find out who I am and what I am doing.

8, I am from Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is where I was born and raised. Budapest is my hometown.

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