I must admit, I wasn’t very keen on taking this online class. First of all, I have never been a good easy writer. I have taken a lot of language exams in my life and I haven’t had any problem with the oral speaking but I always did poorly on the writing part. Essay writing in English is so strict and formal; you have to follow so many rules. Secondly, I’m not very enthusiastic about expressing myself to people who don’t know me.  I’m so fear being judged by others so I’m only confident talking among my friends.      

But I was pleasantly surprised how well people in my reading group received my blog posts. They were all nice and supportive. So short after some very nice comments from Amy, Zhou, Charlotte and Paul, I got more confident at writing about myself. I still don’t want to reveal my real name on my blog to let the whole world to get an access to my thoughts but I don’t mind if these people got to know me a little bit better.

I liked the fact this class made me do a Twitter account. I have wanted to try Twitter for a long time. I felt guilty having advertising major and not even try out Twitter, but I was just too lazy to get started.  This class gave me the push. Now I tried, but it didn’t really get me hooked up, but at least I know what this whole Twitter mania is all about.  

I also liked Professor Torgerson who seemed very accessible and replied to my emails right away, which surprised me because I am six hours ahead of New York. It made me wonder how much Professor Torgerson sleeps a day.  And I also liked the material on YouTube, it was very helpful.

So overall, this class was much better than I expected to be. But next time, I will probably try to avoid taking online classes. I am glad I tried it but I feel like I am that kind of person who actually likes to go to classes and having a personal relationship with the professors and with the class.