I found this article very interesting, because I have been wondering in my life how interesting how the role of horses have changed. I think it changed in a good way. Now, people take much more care of their horses. And that is the way it should be. Horses are very sensitive animals, not so much viable as other animals.

I think I could start my essay on horseback riding first introducing horses, their behavior and abilities.

“The horse evolved into an animal with the ability to travel great distances, which, combined with inherent strength, has been exploited and developed by man.”  (Clutton-Brock, Natural History of Domesticated Animals)

Horses were valued by many parts of society, including the agricultural, military and transport sectors over centuries.

“In the Western Europe, since the Second World War, the horse has become a recreational animal rather than a beast of burden, offering farmers the potential to develop a recreational enterprise and enhance their income.”  (Crossman & Walsh, page 99)

“Horses are viewed as an inherent part of the fabric of the countryside.” (Crossman & Walsh, page 101) 

Horses are also viewed as a status symbol, with its quality being an overt display of owner’s wealth. Horseback riding is considered to be an upper class sport. Not many people can afford to own a horse. Buying a horse is not that expensive but keeping and taking care of it is the expensive part of it.  

Nowadays horses are mainly used for sporting or recreational pursuits involving horse racing and Equestrian Sport (Non-racing).  Equestrian sport includes Olympic disciplines of dressage, show jumping and eventing.

“While horses have always possessed the natural ability to jump, there was no official sport of “show jumping” in existence at the end of the nineteenth century.” (Crossman & Walsh, page 103)