I read over the sample topics, and I think I got the general idea what Professor Torgerson expects us to do. In the sample essays students wrote stories based on their own experiences and plus they made it more significant by quoting from experts. Am I right, or am I not? 

Clearly I know a lot of about Olympic sports, especially about fencing, horseback riding and pentathlon. I am not interested in any kind of sport which is not an Olympic sport. So I don’t care much about the Super Bowl for instance. So the biggest sport event for me is the Olympic Games which is sacred and who participants are national heroes.

Even thought, this year is the Olympic year and the whole world is excited, I’m not as excited as I was twelve years ago before Sidney. Hungary used to won a lot of gold medals in the past and we were very proud of our athletes. But nowadays, sport is declining in Hungary. It is all because of the capitalism regime, which does not support athletes. I am NOT saying socialism was a better system, what I am saying is: in the Socialism, athletes were supported because the state cared about national proud which was represented by athletes on the Olympic Games.

I’m thinking about to do researches on and write about how sport system changed since the Socialism and how Hungary got to this point when Hungarians won only one gold medal on the Olympic Games in Beijing. It was a shame for us, because Hungary was always famous for its great athletes.