I made an appointment last week with the Writing Center and my tutor, Tasnima Nabi was a great help. She gave me a lot of advice how I could improve my writing abilities.

                For example she says if I talk about a sport which readers don’t have a general idea, I should define the sport because it provides depth to my paper. She said that, because I mentioned “modern pentathlon” in my introductory essay, but did not describe it.

                When I mentioned: “I cannot imagine my life without fencing” – she suggested I should expend my essay on this topic to show my admiration of the sport.

                My biggest mistake was I didn’t get to a conclusion to wrap up my story.  She said I should focus on my future plan of fencing.  So I corrected my mistake and wrote a conclusion:

                “After school I would like to keep both obsessions and become a professional fencer and travel around the world going to World Cups.”

She said, it was a good ending because shows I’m optimistic and I have plans for the future.

                I liked working with Tasnima, she was very nice and helpful. Very likely I’m going to “see” her in the future.