I listed horseback riding in my writing territories because I know a lot about horses. It is not just because my parents are professional riders but also, I worked as a horse trainer for a year after high school.  I helped my parents by giving horse riding lessons, train horses and lead trips to the wild.

My Dad worked with the most difficult horses and gave jumping lessons to advance riders.  My Mum gave lessons to intermediate people and I gave horse riding lessons to children and beginners and worked with the easiest horses, usually mares and geldings. My parents specialized to show jumping; they don’t do dressage or Western style riding, only the English style. English horse riding features a flat English saddle without the deep seat. It is not that comfortable as the Western saddle, but it allows you to do more things with the horse.

The life of the horse riders is not easy. My parents work six days a week and never go on vacation. When I say never, I literately mean never. They cannot leave the horses for days, they need to be taken out every day. Last time when they had a chance to go on holiday was when I worked for them and I was taking care of the horses for three days. But it was four years ago. Working with horses is also dangerous, especially if your job is to break in horses. My Dad’s leg was broken once by got kicked by a horse, but we all got some injuries from horse riding.

I enjoyed very much working on a farm during the summer, but the winter was dreadful. The weather in Hungary is very similar to the weather in New York: hot summer, cold winter. Being out six days a week at winter time is not so ideal.

I was aware of that I had a job which riders in my age would kill for. I was paid for doing something which others have to pay a fortune. Horse riding is a luxury sport. Not many people can afford to own a horse. So I am lucky, my family owns two horses. However after a year of being a professional horse rider, I realized, it is not what I want to do in the rest of my life. I went back to school and started to study communication and media. I upset my Dad when I quitted from the family business, but we all have to choose our own paths and not letting people to tell you  what you have to do with your life.