I would prefer if my name stays hidden on this blog, but I use the Sofianna name here. I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary.  My parents are horseback riding coaches. Before they became coaches they both were pentathletes. My dad whom I very proud of was a European champion. So not surprisingly, me and my little sister did pentathlon as well. I had done pentathlon for ten years before I decided to focus on only on fencing.(Fencing is one of the fives sports in pentathlon.) I started to swim when I was three years old and my parents put me on a horse when I turned six. Sport has been always in my life. I cannot imagine my life without it.

Pentathlon is probably the hardest and most time-consuming sport to do because you have to train to be good in five completely different sports. After practicing five hours a week just to be a better shooter, which was my weakest sport, I realized I would not get any better in shooting. That was the point when I made a decision and decided to concentrate all my energy only on fencing which I was the most talented. I became more successful in fencing than I have ever been in pentathlon. That is why I am in New York to fight for the fencing team’s success at St. John’s.

The other thing that I’m obsessed with, beside sports, is traveling. Some girls spend their money on shoes and clothes or dining out. I spend it on airplane tickets. Before I moved to New York, I lived in England in a little town called Wells and in Vancouver, Canada for a summer long. In England I worked in a pub called The King’s Head, which I really liked. The countryside of England is gorgeous and I had a wonderful six months in Wells but I was happy to move from Wells to New York. Just in this year, I have been at the Caribbean, in Toronto, I went on a road trip in Arizona and I was in London last weekend. I’m back to Wells at the moment, visiting my friends from the King’s Head.  Next weekend I’m going back to my hometown, Budapest where I’m planning to stay till the end of the summer. However I’m planning to go on a trip to Bulgaria at the beginning of July.