1, Fencing, Horseback-riding, Pentathlon, Arts, Budapest, Hungary, Hungarian language and history, England,

2, I’m a student athlete, a member of  the Fencers Club in NYC, club Honved in Budapest and the member of the STJ fencing team. I’m an ex-pentathlete, a daughter of two great horseback-riders. I have roles as my sister’s bigger sister and my friend’s best friend.

3, I know Obuda very well. This is the part of Budapest where I grew up. I also know the II. district of Budapest, where I went to school, VI. where I moved after moving out from the parents’ house. Budakalasz and the V. district where my ex-boyfriends live. I know Vancouver where I spent a summer 2 years ago. I know Wells, a city of England where I lived 4 months before moved to New York. And now I’m getting know Manhattan, where I spend most of my free time.

4, I wish I knew more about Italian and German languages. I wish I could take language classes. I wish I knew much more about politics and the situation of the European Union at the moment, because I know nothing about it. But the most I wish on learning is advertising, which is my major.

5, On a regular weekday of school: 7:20 – getting up, 8;15 – going to school, 9:05 – first class 11:00-13:00 School practice 15:25 – Second class of the day 18:00 – Practice in Manhattan in the New York athletic Club 21:00 – going home 22:00-01:00 having diner and doing some school work 01:00-02:00 going to bed.

6, Orban Victor’s regime in Hungary.

7, I write a lot of messages on Facebook and regular emails on my Gmail account. I use Gmail for formal ways of communication and there is Facebook for me for the informal ways. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with my friends who live very far from me. I write messages, making status updates and posting pictures to tell them what is going on with me. I post videos, pictures and making comments to tell who I am and what I think. My life is on Facebook and I share a lot of it with my Facebook “friends”. So around 750 people could very easily find out who I am and what I am doing.

8, I am from Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is where I was born and raised. Budapest is my hometown.